The dual function filter system will be integrated in the second and the third compartments of each and every concrete WWTP


Removal of organic matter (BOD5).

Removal of suspended solids (SS).

Reduction of chemical residues.

Colorless and odorless water.


Eco-cycle brand, model ECC.

Manufactured in GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) with orthophthalic resins.

Suspended solids removal efficiency: 95% SS.

Organic matter removal efficiency: 85 % BOD5.

Primary treatment by settling-digestion.

Secondary treatment consisting in trickling filter fed by fixed distributor.

Plastic filling material with high porosity rate (95%) and large specific surface (140 m²/m³).

Activated carbon with a particle size consisting of a 12 x 40 mesh (0.425-1.70 mm).

PVC inlet.