WWTP with trickling filter Horizontal treatment plant with settling-digestion chambers, biological filter, activated carbon filter and secondary settling tank.


Removal of organic matter (BOD5).

Removal of suspended solids (SS).

Colorless and odorless water.


Eco-cycle brand, model ECP.

Manufactured in GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) with orthophthalic resins.

Suspended solids removal efficiency: 90% SS.

Organic matter removal efficiency: 85 % BOD5.

Primary treatment by settling-digestion.

Secondary treatment consisting in trickling filter fed by fixed distributor.

Compact secondary settling chamber.

Plastic filling material with high porosity rate (95%) and large specific surface (140 m²/m³).

Activated carbon with a particle size consisting of a 12 x 40 mesh (0.425-1.70 mm).

PVC inlet and outlet.

Manholes with GFRP cover for cleaning by authorized waste company.